Wool Dryer Ball Co-op

This post is for the wool dryer ball co-op. I’ve already started a small one for a local quilter’s group and thought I’d go ahead and offer the same deal online.
This co-op is a 25% savings on my shop prices.
The co-op minimum is 3 dryer balls.
Price: 3.00 per ball.
I will be offering giftable packaging this time at no extra charge. Three balls fit into a package that includes a waxed paper bag and a label (see photo). Every 3 balls will go into packaging unless you specify otherwise. For example, if you order 8 balls, you will get 2 packaged sets and 2 singles.
Shipping (US flat rates);
Up to 9 balls is 5.00
10 to 30 balls is 13.65
31 to 41 is 18.90
International shipping; I’ll get you an actual quote. So list that you’re out of country and I’ll post your shipping rate.
All of the balls are made of a 100% wool batting core and finished with a nice, long stapled wool roving which should reduce pilling. Each one weighs 1 full ounce.
Essential oils have become increasingly available, so I won’t be offering scent this time. But, please note that these will take essential oils really well. So you can scent your laundry, or use them to freshen up a tack locker or your car. Or you can hit them with some catnip oil too. That’s entertaining.
Right about now, if you don’t already know, you may be asking “what’s a dryer ball?”  Glad you asked.  They’re a wet-felted wool ball that acts like a natural alternative to a dryer sheet.  Place two or three balls in your dryer with each load and enjoy shortened drying times and reduced static electricity.  I don’t completely understand the science behind it, but the wool heats up and helps wick moisture away from the clothing.  I’ve found that when I take out a load of clothes, they’ll feel like there’s some static in the load. Then, after I fish out out the dryer balls, they take the static with them, leaving the clothes static-free. 
Because this page is public view, there’s a chance that a gift recipient will see you post on it. So, I’m offering three ways to order;
Post below in the comments (public)
Send me an email louckskatie@yahoo.com (private)
Send me a text 507-250-7530 (super private)
I’d like all orders placed by November 10th so I can close the co-op and get everything delivered well ahead of black Friday.
I will be responding to each of you individually. If I haven’t answered within 24 hours, it means I didn’t see your order, so please nudge me again. When your order is finished and ready to ship, I’ll reply to your post (or email/text) with directions for a paypal “goods” payment. That way you won’t have to post your email or home addresses. I’m running this co-op alongside a co-op on my FB page, which isn’t the friendliest venue for a co-op but we’ll make it work. One way or another.
Love, Katie

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