Collecting Eggs in Style

This winter has been a bumper year for eggs. My new pullets started laying in November and I’m thrilled to report that the loss of daylight didn’t diminish their production, at all.

However, I never have a handy bucket or enough pocket room to carry the load. Frankly, I hate carrying eggs in my pockets. I’ve already had so many disasters that I shouldn’t ever do it. But, you know how it goes.

Enter the silk “wild rag.”

A wild rag is the swanky name for a neck kerchief. Neckerchief? Am I dating myself here? Probably. Anyway, they’re large silks worn cowgirl style and they’re definitely an accessory that’s functional and fashionable.

I’d already dug out the kids’ old playsilks and was wearing them pretty regularly in the winter. They’re really soft but still wind resistant, fast drying and pretty good at keeping the hay from falling down my shirt. But, I discovered that they also make a great little egg carrying “sack” too.

I hit up my old pal Joy, from The Color Farm for some new threads and she hooked me up with an all new set. Aren’t they absolutely gorgeous?

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