Ahhh, the dreaded ‘about’ page.  What do I say here and how do I keep it witty, yet, informative?

I don’t have any idea.  But, I’ll give it a go….

I’m Katie, the one-woman show for a small group of beefers and a clutch of laying hens. All of which, eat their weight in grass, hay, or grain every month. Since I haven’t managed to figure out how to make farming profitable, or at least balance, my side hustle is sewing. The sewing feeds the beasts and also keeps my mind and hands thrifty and nimble during the winter months in Minnesota.

Farming. So, I sew.

I’m also the wife of an amazing man who secretly loathes animals and their smells but he loves all of the heavy equipment. He also loves me, so that man will happily bounce along on a tractor all day long to feed my animals.I’m so lucky. Our children are nearly all grown now and I’m hopeful that I’ve given them great fodder for my future grandchildren. Great stories that will roll with laughter and make all of them reflect back fondly on their childhoods.

Wrap all of that into one messy package and you have me. My legacy. Katie Loucks. That’s me. They’re all me.

Thank you so much for for finding your way here. Truly.

Warmly, Katie