Scottish Highland Co-op

This is less of a co-op and more of a reserve or pre-order.  These highlands are new for me and I just don’t have a lot of wiggle room in the price because they’re quite labor intensive.  But the yarn I need is specific and needs to be ordered by mail.  So, there is some planning involved for materials.

Price is 20.00 each

Minimum is 1 calf

Price is 20.00 each

Color choices; Red (reddish brown) or Dunn (light tan)

Close date; November 10, 2018

All of them will arrive individually packaged for gift-giving.

Shipping is a flat 3.50 in the US for up to 6 calves.  It will be an additional 3.50 for every 6 animal increment. So if you order 11, shipping would be 7.00.  If you order 13, it would be 10.50.

To place an order;

  • post here in the comments and make sure I can email back to you. ie; don’t post anonymously.
  • send me an email at
  • send me a text 507-250-7530
  • Post on the facebook page post that you followed here

I’ll be responding to each and every post so that no one gets missed.  If you haven’t heard back from me within 24 hours, please just nudge me again.  Since yahoo groups have gone by the wayside, I haven’t really found another friendly venue for co-ops. But we’ll make this work, one way or another.  Comments are moderated here so if your post doesn’t show up, immediately, that’s why.

Thanks so much!

Love, Katie


Wool Dryer Ball Co-op

This post is for the wool dryer ball co-op. I’ve already started a small one for a local quilter’s group and thought I’d go ahead and offer the same deal online.
This co-op is a 25% savings on my shop prices.
The co-op minimum is 3 dryer balls.
Price: 3.00 per ball.
I will be offering giftable packaging this time at no extra charge. Three balls fit into a package that includes a waxed paper bag and a label (see photo). Every 3 balls will go into packaging unless you specify otherwise. For example, if you order 8 balls, you will get 2 packaged sets and 2 singles.
Shipping (US flat rates);
Up to 9 balls is 5.00
10 to 30 balls is 13.65
31 to 41 is 18.90
International shipping; I’ll get you an actual quote. So list that you’re out of country and I’ll post your shipping rate.
All of the balls are made of a 100% wool batting core and finished with a nice, long stapled wool roving which should reduce pilling. Each one weighs 1 full ounce.
Essential oils have become increasingly available, so I won’t be offering scent this time. But, please note that these will take essential oils really well. So you can scent your laundry, or use them to freshen up a tack locker or your car. Or you can hit them with some catnip oil too. That’s entertaining.
Right about now, if you don’t already know, you may be asking “what’s a dryer ball?”  Glad you asked.  They’re a wet-felted wool ball that acts like a natural alternative to a dryer sheet.  Place two or three balls in your dryer with each load and enjoy shortened drying times and reduced static electricity.  I don’t completely understand the science behind it, but the wool heats up and helps wick moisture away from the clothing.  I’ve found that when I take out a load of clothes, they’ll feel like there’s some static in the load. Then, after I fish out out the dryer balls, they take the static with them, leaving the clothes static-free. 
Because this page is public view, there’s a chance that a gift recipient will see you post on it. So, I’m offering three ways to order;
Post below in the comments (public)
Send me an email (private)
Send me a text 507-250-7530 (super private)
I’d like all orders placed by November 10th so I can close the co-op and get everything delivered well ahead of black Friday.
I will be responding to each of you individually. If I haven’t answered within 24 hours, it means I didn’t see your order, so please nudge me again. When your order is finished and ready to ship, I’ll reply to your post (or email/text) with directions for a paypal “goods” payment. That way you won’t have to post your email or home addresses. I’m running this co-op alongside a co-op on my FB page, which isn’t the friendliest venue for a co-op but we’ll make it work. One way or another.
Love, Katie