Collecting Eggs in Style

This winter has been a bumper year for eggs. My new pullets started laying in November and I’m thrilled to report that the loss of daylight didn’t diminish their production, at all.

However, I never have a handy bucket or enough pocket room to carry the load. Frankly, I hate carrying eggs in my pockets. I’ve already had so many disasters that I shouldn’t ever do it. But, you know how it goes.

Enter the silk “wild rag.”

A wild rag is the swanky name for a neck kerchief. Neckerchief? Am I dating myself here? Probably. Anyway, they’re large silks worn cowgirl style and they’re definitely an accessory that’s functional and fashionable.

I’d already dug out the kids’ old playsilks and was wearing them pretty regularly in the winter. They’re really soft but still wind resistant, fast drying and pretty good at keeping the hay from falling down my shirt. But, I discovered that they also make a great little egg carrying “sack” too.

I hit up my old pal Joy, from The Color Farm for some new threads and she hooked me up with an all new set. Aren’t they absolutely gorgeous?

Happy Wolfenoot Day

Earlier this year, I’d read about a sweet little boy making up his own holiday and he called it Wolfenoot day. It’s tender and sweet; honoring the wolf spirit and some other things, maybe a side of veganism. I don’t really recall without going to google again but, I did remember that it was the day after Thanksgiving. Today is also Free State Park Day in Minnesota.  And, it was also a toasty 45 degrees outside!

That’s a recipe for adventure, if you ask me.

Gusty and I did a little google-fu and decided on John A. Latsch State Park overlooking the Mississippi.  The description said it was a “strenuous hike” up to the vista and honestly, I didn’t believe them.  I got lulled by the photos and by our experience at The Great River Bluffs state park trail and thought to myself, “really, how bad could it be?”

Well, it was Satan. Satan Stairs. That’s what it was.

Thank goodness I had the youngest pup on lead because he, quite literally, pulled me all the way up to the top. In between breaks, of course. We made it though. I don’t know how. But, we made it and it was quite amazing.

Right below us, were some duck hunters and I should have thought to take a picture of their camouflage boat because Gusty and I had a good chuckle about the large hay stack sitting out in the middle of the river.

I saw these words of encouragement on the way down and may have muttered, “oh shut up, I’m about to get pulled off the side of a cliff by a ridiculously strong puppy.”  But, I still stopped to take a picture so I couldn’t have been too annoyed.

The new holiday was a total success!  So,  we headed to Wisconsin to top off our leg-day adventure with ice cream cones and (free) pup-cups from Nelson Cheese.   See, we skipped that vegan part of Wolfenoot day but we certainly observed the honoring wolves and dogs part.  I honestly can’t wait to make it a tradition next year.  Maybe a nice flat park next time.

Happy Wolfenoot Day!

Love, Katie


*POP* Goes the weasel

I order my wool from a charming mill out in Pennsylvania and I’m not sure who does the packing, but she has my deepest admiration.  She can pack a box like no one. I imagine it’s a she because I rarely speak to a man and when I do, he does so much fumbling around that I invariably end up asking if I should just call back later and he sighs with significant relief and says “could you?”  So, I’m left to believe that this is his wife’s gig because I do know the mill is a family hustle.

Anyway, the wool always arrives in timely order and the boxes make me laugh.  I know that she sucks the air out of the bag, then rapidly tapes up the box before the air returns.  I know this, because I’ve done it myself. I’ve just never done it with 12 pounds.

Opening this box will be very much like a jack-in-the-box; each cut is one note closer to that blasted clown that you’re never quite ready for.  No matter what your age.

You’re humming ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’ now, aren’t you?


You’re welcome.

You’re here!

…and I’m so glad that you are.

I’m working on a lot right now.  Rebranding, patterns, my first expo.  WordPress. That’s a learning curve, isn’t it?  Goodness sakes.  I kept a blog for years but, this WordPress thing has made me cry uncle a couple of times.

It’s all new, all fresh.  But, I’ll fill it up quickly, I’m sure.

If you’re looking for my little felt animals, there’s a link up in the header to my etsy shop.  Same for my beef.  Patterns are coming.  The patterns are in final draft and will be at the printers (and pdf) by the end of November.